Sorry this is ubber short. Just know that I am working like crazy to be the best missionary I can be! I’m ready for Brazil!!! It’s getting colder and colder here. But The Lord knows how long I need to be here so I’ll be calm! Thank you everyone who said “Happy Birthday” to me! I had a lot of fun! Went to Queen with my companion today to the Graffiti Park! Halloween we passed out candy with pass a long cards one kid was so excited to know that he can go to the pretty palace, temple, on that card for free he ran and told his parents. Lots of pictures this week!!! stay warm!
Sister Stone
ps next monday all the librarys are closed so might have a tuesday pday again just a headas up!
pss Getting our ipads this week!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaayayayayya
Fall leaves
When trick or treater came this is what they got
made orange chicken!
got my english tag!
 service project!

This week was full of tears, laughter, and many cold toes! 10/28/13

I love hearing about all the fun and exciting changes that are going on at home! Always know that I still love hearing what is going on! Even if you aren’t having a good day! Your letters have really helped during difficult times;they have make me smile! So don’t STOP!
     So, this week has been a lot of fun temp. wise…..NOT! Our heater in our house is broken so our house stays at a constant 50 degress. We just make sure we bundle up at night! haha The ward has been very nice and caring to us. We now have space heaters and lots of herbal tea!
    To see the many blessing we need to have trials. This week was bit of a tough week. I have realized one thing about my calling as a missionary we feel, not to the same degree, the love that our Heavenly Father has for all of His children epecially the ones that we come in contact with. As we teach them feel extreme happiness when we see them making changes in their lives for the better and how it is blessing them but we also see the other side. When they choose to go against the commandments of the gospel. It’s so sad to see those that we show and felt a change happening but they chose to pick a different course. Our purpose is to invite and guide others though this process not the force. Forcing was Satan’s plan not our Heavenly Fathers.
     I have made it through the transfer! Sister Sandberg and I are staying in the South Shore Ward in Medford for another 6 weeks! The ward was so scared that we would leave, I guess we have more work to do here! There are so many moments to serve! Sister Lewis is getting transferd though! I know that wherever she goes she will be the best sister missionary! So we will be getting a new sister in our house next week! Exciting!
      Stay strong, Keep hold of the faith! I love you all and be wise:) haha
           Till next week,
                            Sister Stone

Whoop Whoop from the Best State! 10-21-13

Okay, Well, So many wonderful things happened this week that I want to share. Sorry if none of this flows together!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY FOR THE PACKAGE! It was exactly what I needed at the time. I am now teaching the sisters that we live with along with my companion how to hula! I have missed it so much to just dance! We are starting with the Lilo Song! It is so much fun!
       I have had so many wonderful experiences thus far on my mission. Not that I wasn’t before but I LOVE sharing the light of Christ with other people. I am not just talking about talking about church all the time but being nice and having manners. A lot of people are surprised when young people like us are caring about other people!
      With missionary work we are truley guided by the Lord to who we need to talk to and what we need to do through out our day. We also set many goals so that the Lord knows that we are wanting to be the best missionaries we can be. So for this past week have set a goal to try and talk people and get a least one person a day to agree to meet with us, receiving a number or an address where we can reach them. This past Tuesday we had a very busy day and didn’t know if we would be able to reach that goal we prayed that we could do it but in all reality it was going to be tough since we were so crazy busy. Sister Sandberg and I were at the library working on programs we had to hurry out of there to make it to a dinner appointment when we heard a faint “help” coming from the bathroom. My first thought was that some kid didn’t have toliet paper, we walked in and this lady is on the ground. She had slipped on some water and hit her head and her back hurt. As the ambulance was on its way we stayed with her and talked with her. She noticed that we come to the library every week so we introduced ourselves! As also asked if we could come and visit her. She agreed and gave us her address. When the EMT’s came in and asked us to leave she yelled out to me, CAll me, and yelled out her number. I quickly grabed a pen and wrote it on my hand. What are the odds, right? I got a picture of the ambulance outside the library so I could remember that moment!
   We also had a baptism for Tara Ann! I love this lady so much and and grateful that we were able to be apart of this special day with her. My companion and I helped her when she came out of the font, we went into the bathroom to help her change and right when we went in she turned around in her dripping wet suit and put her head in my chest and started to cry. A moment that I will never forget. She was so happy to finally be a mormon! I know that her family is excited for her and will follow in her footsteps when they are ready!
    One more awesome story! So Sister Sandberg and I played a prank on our District Leader and his companion the other night. Sister Sandberg received a package from her dad with a real looking spider in it. We had the English Elders place it in the house of our District Leaders. The next morning we get a call from them…hehe So the story goes like this. The other Elders put it in their bathroom right next to the toliet. At 2AM our district leader goes to the bathroom and sees the spider, freaked out he wakes up his companion to see it. They both freak out and close the bathroom door. They both thought it was a real spider and couldn’t go to sleep after that..ooops! We were laughing so hard when they called us! WE got them good! but they are also planning something for us. What is super funny is that the next morning at 2AM some type of alarm was going off in our pad and we didn’t know where it was coming from! it was so annoying and loud! We instantly thought of the Elders, they must be behind this. We asked them and they honestly had nothing to do with it…mmmhmmm someone got us back…
      I hope everyone is doing well! I pray for my family and friends and those that are on missions a lot! I hope Amiah is feeling better! Keep writing! I love receiving letters!
Com Amor!
Sister Stone
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe made happiness! Well close!

What a Wonderful Time to be a Missionary! 10/14/13

Words can’t really explain the joy I feel from this time that I have chosen to be a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
We have a baptism this week! I met this lady and her family my first day on the mission field and instantly fell in love! The joy that I see in their eyes when we teach or just go over for a visit we know the gospel will bless their lives so much!
So, serving a mission has been the most challenging journey I have ever taken! Having the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ we know that the authority that was on the earth when Christ was called the Priesthood has been restored to the earth. A blessing with that is to receive a Priesthood blessing by one holding that authority. There is a man who is close with the missionaries here and I ask him if I could receive one for comfort. As he placed his hands on my head I instantly felt the love of my Heavenly Father and through that power he was able to tell me things that Heavenly Father wanted me to know! A phrase in the prayer stuck out to me and it went along the lines of, ” Sister Stone you don’t have much time here, you need to get to work. There is someone here who is waiting for you specificly to teach them.”
I don’t know who that is but I know I am still in New York, even when it is getting colder, for a reason. This message that I share with people is so powerful it can heal broken hearts and mend torn spirits.
Our mission here in New York has been allowed to go on to Facebook! Now, let me be clear! JUST BECAUSE I AM ON FACEBOOK DOESN’T MEAN I KNOW WHAT IT HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFES. Yes, I am on facebook but I don’t go through and see what everyone is up to! STILL WRITE ME! I actually don’t really get to caught up on anyones life. That sounded a little weird but I hope you know what I mean! We are using Facebook as a teaching and finding tool:) Not a “see what your friends are doing at home tool” 
Honestly, If anyone is thinking about serving a mission and is waiting for an answer let me share with you a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 4:3
“Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are acalled to the work;”
By doing this your lives will be blessing forever if you follow what you have learned! My family has been blessed while I have been out, they will be taken care of! I love you all! keep in touch:)
Hold on to the Faith!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone

For the Love of New York! 10/7/10

Hey Everybody!
     This week has been a great week as a missionary. It was filled with service and love for my brothers and sisters. Wasn’t General Conference amazing?! I was just way excited to hear our prophet’s voice and to listen to the love and guidance from so many others!
     We have an Investigating family who we had dinner with this past weekend and it was the most intresting meal I have had thus far on my mission. The wife is from Columbia and she made us Columbian hot dogs. We weren’t sure about them when she told us what she put on them. It was a beef dog in a bun with crushed up potato chips, cheese, pinapple sauce, and hard boiled quail eggs. It was a scary site but with a prayer in our hearts we ate the hot dog. IT WAS THE MOST YUMMY HOT DOG I HAVE EVER HAD. So much that we are making them for our spanish sisters this week!
     Besides crazy food tasting I have learned a lot about communication and charity this week. In our small congragation there are 6 Missionaries over the same area and 6 missionaries that are getting to know that ward and the investigators. Communicating to the Elders and them back to us makes for a functional atmosphere but once Satan tries to mess that up that is when things can turn nasty. If something is working and making you progress and be happier that is exactly what Satan wants to destroy. Be STRONG!
       Today in my personal studies, I re-read the talk by Elder David A. Bednar- 
Converted unto The Lord: It reminded me that having a testimony of these things isn’t enough. I have to be converted unto the Lord so when life gives you curve balls you are able to stay strong. In The Book of Mormon, in the Book of Alma Chapter 23:5-6. You can see the difference between knowledge-testimony and actually being converted to the Lord- you never fall away!
      Being a missionary is setting a course on how I want to live my life even when I come home. Being focused and lost in the work is how I am blessed the most. Serving others before myself and seeking to have the Holy Ghost by my side always is how I want to live my life. My companion decorated my first missionary planner and on the back there is a quote that says “You’ve had an eternity to prepare for your mission, and you’ll have an eternity to reflect on it. But you only have eighteen months to live it!” What a thought, right? Even though I am not in my original assigned area I know I am here for a reason and I need to learn lessons that I couldn’t learn in a better place. I am ordering an English name tag soon. It was hard for me to actually say I need one but I am serving in an English area and these people are the most important now! I plan on making these now, 16 months count! I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and pray that I can see everybody as He would!
I love you all! Thank You for your support and your prayers:) It really helps!
Sister Stone
PS. Pretty soon our mission will start to use Facebook as a missionary tool. I am saying this now so there is no confusion when you see me online. Yes, I am still a missionary and the only reason I am on it is for those purposes. So please respect the responsibilities I have as a missionary. If you want to talk of the gospel or want to know more about what I am doing here as a missionary by all means, Talk to me!!  
Zone Bonding Time! Pumpkin Carving!
Matching Night Gowns
Sister Lewis’ Birthday this past week!
Our service activity this week for the Cystic Fibrosis Ride.

Being a MISSIONARY rocks! 10/1/2013

      The New York New York South Mission is teaching me so much about who I am and at the same time learning to love everyone around me! There are so many fun characters is our ward that we visited this week. There is a 93 year old lady, who is originally from Germany, had us over for a visit. She told us all of these crazy stories about her and her family living in a Russian Prison Camp and how she was a translator for the Russian Police she said in a thick elderly lady accent “I have never lied so much in my life during that time” She is also a jokester so I didn’t know when to laugh or keep a calm face but we made it though!
     My companion and I went out and fearlessed a lot this past week and it is when we are walking to a destination but we talk to everyone we pass along the way. We were coming up to this lady would looked like she has worked all day and had two arm full of groceries. We asked if we could help her quickly finding out that she spoke spanish. My companion served in the spanish areas for the past 5 months so she knows way more than I do. We spoke of the church and its importance in our lives. We found out that she works in a flower shop and gave us the house plant she was carring.We didn’t know if we should take it or not but we did. So for the rest of the day we took turns passing this plant back and forth as we spoke with more people.
       There is definately a reason why this ward that we are in has 4 Elders and 2 Sisters. It needs a lot of help and we are up for the work! Our schedule this week is full that is because we are gaining the trust of the members. Even though this is not my assigned mission this is where i am at now! I will go where you want me to go Dear Lord!
     As we have been visiting a lot of less active members we see a common thread that they have lost a sense of belonging. They have forgot who they are and how much they can be blessed! Keep a hold of the faith! Your dedication and testimony is to God not anyone else.
    My companion and I have a family who is investigating the church. They are such rock solid family! They want the best for their children and want to be a family for time and all eternity. They came to church this past Sunday and the subject was how the gospel can bless your families. PERFECT!
    The Lord is stretching me every single day! I love being out here and loosing myself in a great cause! Keep the letters coming! I need them every once in a while to keep my spirits up! Missionary work is tough! I love you all! and yes I am still practicing Portugues everyday!
Fique firme na fe!
Sister Stone
Too much fun at the boat dock at Mastic Beach
The Sisters, we all live together, the other sisters serve in the Spanish branch!