What a wonderful life! 11-12-13

Wow! Another week has blown by! So many wonderful experience have happened this week to remind me that the Lord is mindful of me and over all of His children.
Well for starters, it snowed this morning.. yeah, about that….:/ But you know what is so great about this is that a lady in our ward was so nice and took my companion and I out shopping for some clothes since we both packed to live right below the equator. So we were prepared for it! It was beautiful to watch as it fell this morning:)
This week my companion and I were sick so for about 3 days we stayed inside to try and recover. The second day we went out and tried to do some service but we were just not feeling well. We had so many goals for this week and we were disappointed that because of our health we didn’t get to do all that we wanted. But we were still able to accomplish what our Heavenly Father needed us to do.
So we did as much as we can. We called and texted everyone that was on our minds that day. Some to see when we can reschedule an appointment and others to just let them know that we care:) One sister we felt that we needed to be a bit bold. She is a lady who is so strong in the church, even when her life is crazy busy she makes time to come out with us to appointments! Everytime we ask her if we can help her in anyway all she says is “just pray for me”. We texted her that day telling her that we are coming by to help her with her house work so hopefully she would be there! She texted back thanking us for our invitation to her house and we went there the next night. As we were talking to her she expressed that we were angels to her. My companion and I felt so much love for this lady and she told us that she was going through some really tough times and to have us come and be her friends meant the world to her.
I know that the expriences that we go through are not only for us to become stronger but to also help others in similar situations. I feel more compassion for those that I come in contact with now then I have ever before.
We may not know why we are “pushed” to do good deeds towards other but I can promise you if you follow those promptings you will be able to act as a tool in the Lords hands!
For preparation day this past monday was a holiday so that is why I am emailing today:) Sister Sandberg and I were able to go on a Coast Guard Base and get a private tour! It was the coolest thing! We also went to the light house that was on the island, Fire Island, and received a personal tour to that too! We found out that on that island the 2nd and 3rd Men in Black movies, some of the scenes were filmed! So cool! New York is really a beautiful place:) 
Love you ALL!
Sister Stone
Did a hula for the dia de hispanidade!
crossing the bridge to Fire Island
Fire lsland
Where Will Smith would land his helicopter and drive to the movie set.
Windy on top of the Light House!
I got to touch the Antlantic Ocean!

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