The Lord Will Prepare a Way 11-18-13

Hello to everyone! This week have been a week full of service and a mark in church history happened in our New York New York South Mission.
     I love serving the people here in the SouthShore ward. What is even cooler are the ward members watching us serve and then trusting us enough for all of us to go and serve their neighbors! We have people starting to cry becuase we give service. It is nice but at the same time so sad to know that they are crying becuase they thought no one could/would  help them before we came. We also did some service for a 10k that took place in Mastic Beach. It was super fun but the weather likes to be super cold now so we tried to cheer the runners on as big as we could to keep ourselves warm:)
      So I guess my mom is married now! congrats mom and can’t wait to meet my step-father in about 15 months! I wish you two the best and can’t wait to see pictures of your sealing in a years time!
     We had some really powerful lessons this week. For some reason people open up to us! We are able to help those that have been hurting for so many years, with mistakes that happened when they were teens. Seeing the hope in their eyes makes this all worth it. Letting them know that those feelings of shame and guilt are something they don’t have to live with. That those feelings can be replaced with peace and joy!
     We had a lot of people come to church this sunday including less active families! The work moves forward. Heavenly Father knows what he is doing! Patience, I know is something I need to work on. Especially being patient with others weaknessess. I feel like I am becoming better at that but still needs some work. Always strive to have the spirit with you if you become angry or frustrated with someone because of their weakness we have lost that spirit. Love, love your enemies, pray for them and seek ways to have those feelings be released from you.
      My experiences I have and continue to have here I will keep close to my heart. This reassignment has been a great blessing. It wasn’t a mistake that I happen to come to the 9th mission in the world to have access to Facebook and ipads.
    Speaking of which we got this week! We traveled to the mission office in Queens and had a whole big orientation of them. Elder Perry from the quorum of the twelve apostles said that the launching of Facebook and ipad is a grand event comparable to the Restoration of the Gospel! Wow! Now missionary work here is changing a bit, our purpose never changes but the way we do things now changes. What I thought was interensting is that they just showed us how to put in goals and teaching records in our ipads but they didn’t tell us how to use them with missionary work. We are told to ask God himself, why did He give us these and ask Him how He wants us to use them! Miracles happen every day! I love it! Hope everyone is well:) Stay Strong!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
While cleaning someones backyard we found the only house in New York with a working doorbell!
The relief Society president found out I have never been to Friendly which is a famous restaurant here and she made me get the jim dandy, which is short for too much ice cream!
Waiting for the runners at the 10k! Sister Sandberg carried that orange the whole day…

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