New Beginnings 12-16-13

A wonderful transfer this will be! I love being on a mission and sharing this joy and happiness! My trainer has gone and opened up a new area in the Rockaways. She is a wonderful missionary and will go great things! This week almost all of our appointment have fallen through. Another tough week but I know why I am out here. To help others come closer to Christ. Not by force, that was Satan’s way, but with love and support. It still blows my mind on how much people tell us when we first meet with them. We were on Main Street this past week walking and talking to people. A lady walking towards us said, “Oh the girl Mormons” we started to talk and she opened up about her life and how she needs to become closer to Christ. She feels that she has gone so far that she isn’t able to come back. We promised her that she could and that is exactly why we were walking that street that day to find people to help. She began to cry as told us her past life stories. I asked if we could say a prayer with her, she was so excited she grabed our hands and we said a prayer right their in the middle of the sidewalk. We met this lovely lady only 5 mintues ago but our love for her seems like we have known her a lot longer.
Challenges and trials will come up but I am promised that through my faith and prayers everything will work out! Love you all! Happy Holidays and Stay Warm!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
Last Pday gathering with Sister Sandberg and Elder Tanner
Snowed on the way to Transfer meeting
The ward put the missionaries incharge of the entertainment for the Christmas party:) This is what they get!

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