Just for the family :) 12-23-13

Merry Christmas family! I love you so very much and hope that you all are having a wonderful Holiday season:)
I will try and describe to you all of what I feel here as a missionary. The days are long and the time goes by so fast but knowing that I have the restored gospel truth and I know where people can find true happiness makes it all worth it. So for the past couple of weeks the mission has been the toughest ever. My companion is sweet but very shy and I really needed to step up to the plate. It’s incredible how much stronger Heavenly Father can make you once you do all that you can. So coming on to this season our English and Spanish districts here in Patchogue chose to go caroling. We had been doing it for a few weeks and we would just give the joy to the world DVDs or a pass a long card so they can get one. Every time we went our caroling the Elders would choose a random street and would just knock and sing. We came to this one house of a married couple and they were so excited and asked us to come back tomorrow a little earlier so we could sing to their kids. The next day for us was crazy busy but we made sure we all coulld go back. When we did their 2 kids were waiting by the door with candy canes for us. we went and sang! As we went up to the door one by one being handed a candy cane the mother started to cry. She told us that last night her and her husband had something really bad happen to them and they were really distrout last night then we came to the door! She didn’t think we would come back! Moments like those out way those that break our heart! Can’t wait to skype the family! Love you all and have a great holiday!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone

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