For which I am grateful…. 11-25-13

 What a great week! I seriously have the best calling:) As I am out here I know that my family is being protected, I am learning about myself as a person each day, and I have an opportunity to be humbled daily.
      So first off the sun must have forgotten New York is here cause we have’t seen it in a while but I am grateful for long socks and slippers to be in in the morning during studies:)
      Our bunk bed in our room pretty much crys when we sleep so we are now sleeping with our mattresses on the floor, showered in the dark this morning and possibly killed about 50 cockroches since I left the MTC. With serioulsy, no sarcasm, I love my life so much! I am so grateful for my companion to suggest that we sleep on the ground, we have been sleeping so well this week. My dark shower allowed me to not waste time in there and i was in and one within a ten minute time span. And as I make sure I clean up after myself the number of cockroches have gone down:)
      I am so grateful to be a tool in the Lords hands. I had no idea how hard this would actually be but there is no possible way i can fail if I allow the Lord to guide my journey. For some reason I am still here in New York even when i know that Brazil is getting hotter and hotter I am needed here:)
      I am hearing all about who is getting married and who is going on missions! Congrats to you all! Both are so wonderful and great decisions:) And will bless many lifes!
     Keep up the great work!
  some advice from a old church video that our family used to watch,”If you love them, tell them”
Sister Stone
matching this week!

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