Come what may and LOVE IT 12-9-13

Wow! What a week. I love the lessons I learn as I go about in this wonderful work. This work is so much fun! Especially if you have a wondful companion that will go about doing good things along with you, sharing a lot of laughs!
  This week many of our appointments have fallen through but instead of becoming frustrated we have shifted our minds to thoughts that include “What would the Lord have me do in this time.?” or “Why did this appointment fall through?” “What would the Lord have me do?” Replacing the latter to our minds then becoming frustrated or disappointed in ourselves has brought a mighty change of heart to me. You know what though, we have been obedient and striving to work our hardest so we know that our success is one that can’t be counted by numbers.
   Saturday was the first set of transfer calls that could effect me since now I am officaily done being trained! Yes, still learning and growing every day but done with the 12 week training:) And to our shock, my companion Sister Sandberg will be getting transfered! Still in a bit of a shock. I am staying in the Southshore ward! But will get a new companion this Tuesday! Scary business but I know the Lord knows what He is doing so I just need to trust Him. I will miss Sister Sandberg so much! We have become close friends and have been called the “Dream Team” out here on the mission. But I know where we are going and were we are is where the Lord needs us.
     Yesterday was a very special day for one of our investigators the Elders and we have been teaching:) The LaManna family was baptized!! They are such a wonderful family and can’t wait to see them progress in the Gospel! The ward family has really stepped up their game with being more involved with our investigators and people that we are working with. When Dawn and her daughter were getting dressed after the baptism 2 sisters from the ward went to the bathroom to go and help them. Sister Sandberg and I stepped back and let them take over! We were so happy and just mopped up the floors afterwards! Such a great feeling seeing others come to the fold!
    Love you all and Thank you for your prayers! I won’t let you down! Stay strong:) The Lord will ALLOWS provide!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
LaManna Baptism!
It snowed!

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