Whoop Whoop from the Best State! 10-21-13

Okay, Well, So many wonderful things happened this week that I want to share. Sorry if none of this flows together!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FAMILY FOR THE PACKAGE! It was exactly what I needed at the time. I am now teaching the sisters that we live with along with my companion how to hula! I have missed it so much to just dance! We are starting with the Lilo Song! It is so much fun!
       I have had so many wonderful experiences thus far on my mission. Not that I wasn’t before but I LOVE sharing the light of Christ with other people. I am not just talking about talking about church all the time but being nice and having manners. A lot of people are surprised when young people like us are caring about other people!
      With missionary work we are truley guided by the Lord to who we need to talk to and what we need to do through out our day. We also set many goals so that the Lord knows that we are wanting to be the best missionaries we can be. So for this past week have set a goal to try and talk people and get a least one person a day to agree to meet with us, receiving a number or an address where we can reach them. This past Tuesday we had a very busy day and didn’t know if we would be able to reach that goal we prayed that we could do it but in all reality it was going to be tough since we were so crazy busy. Sister Sandberg and I were at the library working on programs we had to hurry out of there to make it to a dinner appointment when we heard a faint “help” coming from the bathroom. My first thought was that some kid didn’t have toliet paper, we walked in and this lady is on the ground. She had slipped on some water and hit her head and her back hurt. As the ambulance was on its way we stayed with her and talked with her. She noticed that we come to the library every week so we introduced ourselves! As also asked if we could come and visit her. She agreed and gave us her address. When the EMT’s came in and asked us to leave she yelled out to me, CAll me, and yelled out her number. I quickly grabed a pen and wrote it on my hand. What are the odds, right? I got a picture of the ambulance outside the library so I could remember that moment!
   We also had a baptism for Tara Ann! I love this lady so much and and grateful that we were able to be apart of this special day with her. My companion and I helped her when she came out of the font, we went into the bathroom to help her change and right when we went in she turned around in her dripping wet suit and put her head in my chest and started to cry. A moment that I will never forget. She was so happy to finally be a mormon! I know that her family is excited for her and will follow in her footsteps when they are ready!
    One more awesome story! So Sister Sandberg and I played a prank on our District Leader and his companion the other night. Sister Sandberg received a package from her dad with a real looking spider in it. We had the English Elders place it in the house of our District Leaders. The next morning we get a call from them…hehe So the story goes like this. The other Elders put it in their bathroom right next to the toliet. At 2AM our district leader goes to the bathroom and sees the spider, freaked out he wakes up his companion to see it. They both freak out and close the bathroom door. They both thought it was a real spider and couldn’t go to sleep after that..ooops! We were laughing so hard when they called us! WE got them good! but they are also planning something for us. What is super funny is that the next morning at 2AM some type of alarm was going off in our pad and we didn’t know where it was coming from! it was so annoying and loud! We instantly thought of the Elders, they must be behind this. We asked them and they honestly had nothing to do with it…mmmhmmm someone got us back…
      I hope everyone is doing well! I pray for my family and friends and those that are on missions a lot! I hope Amiah is feeling better! Keep writing! I love receiving letters!
Com Amor!
Sister Stone
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe made happiness! Well close!

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