This week was full of tears, laughter, and many cold toes! 10/28/13

I love hearing about all the fun and exciting changes that are going on at home! Always know that I still love hearing what is going on! Even if you aren’t having a good day! Your letters have really helped during difficult times;they have make me smile! So don’t STOP!
     So, this week has been a lot of fun temp. wise…..NOT! Our heater in our house is broken so our house stays at a constant 50 degress. We just make sure we bundle up at night! haha The ward has been very nice and caring to us. We now have space heaters and lots of herbal tea!
    To see the many blessing we need to have trials. This week was bit of a tough week. I have realized one thing about my calling as a missionary we feel, not to the same degree, the love that our Heavenly Father has for all of His children epecially the ones that we come in contact with. As we teach them feel extreme happiness when we see them making changes in their lives for the better and how it is blessing them but we also see the other side. When they choose to go against the commandments of the gospel. It’s so sad to see those that we show and felt a change happening but they chose to pick a different course. Our purpose is to invite and guide others though this process not the force. Forcing was Satan’s plan not our Heavenly Fathers.
     I have made it through the transfer! Sister Sandberg and I are staying in the South Shore Ward in Medford for another 6 weeks! The ward was so scared that we would leave, I guess we have more work to do here! There are so many moments to serve! Sister Lewis is getting transferd though! I know that wherever she goes she will be the best sister missionary! So we will be getting a new sister in our house next week! Exciting!
      Stay strong, Keep hold of the faith! I love you all and be wise:) haha
           Till next week,
                            Sister Stone

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