Oi! From New York! 9/23/2013

I first want to start off by saying how much I love this place. I’m on the country par of Long Island and it is strangely reminds me of home. So I am serving in the Patchogue-Southshore ward! There are 4 Elders and 2 Sister in this ward. The church is in the town of Medford, funny I know! So this past Sunday My companion and I got to speak in Church is week and the spirit was so strong! The ward is so excited to have sister missionaries since they haven’t had them 10+ years! We are working a lot and keeping busy!
        When all of the visa waiters arrived at the airport we had no idea what our mission president looked like or even his name! So pretty much we were lost…. Not much after a herd of missionaries find us and we finally get to meet our mission president and his wife. The Calderwoods are so amazing! He is seriously an inspired man and his wife is the coolest person ever! They in a nice house that all of the new missionaries stayed in our first night. They aren’t even that old they still have a 16 and 10 year old daughters that still live with them!
We had a nice home cooked meal and breakfast ready for us the next morning. There house keeper whispered to us “Don’t get used to this, they just set you in easy, after today you are going to be working hard” and she was so right!!
   We then drove to the mission home which doubles as a church building and there got set up with my trainer!
My companion is Sister Sandberg and she is so amazing! She too is waiting for her visa and will be serving in Salvador Brazil!! That right there is an awesome blessing! So each day we get to study Portugues together! It was difficult for her at first because she has been serving in the Spanish areas while she has been here. So switching to Portugues was a hard transition but we are doing our best, but we teach in English.
    I have always wanted an accent of some kind and here is the only place I have been asked where my accent somes from! haha It was the coolest thing! When I told people I was from Oregon they would correct me and say “you mean Oreeegone”….no…. I know where I live! I still love them anyway!
    So we were both blinded in to this area meaning neither one of us lived here before. So we took this first week to meet the ward and some of the less actives along with doing some service! We met the Bishop and his wife, they took us to pizza. My first expirence with New York Pizza! So freakin’ delicious!
    Last Night we knocked on the door of a Lady who moved here from Brazil! She came here to go to school! We had a great conversation and she told us all about Brazil and the area that we are serving! We had her read our name tags, which is still in portugues, and it didn’t sound at all like how we were saying in the MTC! So this will be fun! And let me just say the dogs here are freaky..yes freaky and yes dogs DO NOT like missionaries, well apparently just me! But all is well and the Lord is keeping me safe!
     Just in this first week I have been here I have learned so much! Not only how to be obedient to the guidelines of the mission but on being the best missionary I can be at this specific time. Even though I am not in Brazil yet, I am on a mission and I will treat each day like it is my last here because it very well could be. Everyday brings a challenge but it is the best feeling in the world to know that I have a Father in Heaven that is so ready to help me in what ever way He can.
     Missionary work is WORK and I wouldn’t want it any other way! I am enjoying myself my companion and I have a lot of fun together!
     So just to let everyone know you have 41 more shopping days till the big 21! haha but really.
Please keep sending me letters! I love to hear from everybody!
or emails that works too!
Loves! Te-amo
Fica firme na fe!
Sister Stone
The ocean is just down the street! we go run to it for exercise every morning!
My companion Sister Sandberg and I before we spoke in church.
And at the MTC with Sister Amituanai, my big sister she is going to Japan!

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