For the Love of New York! 10/7/10

Hey Everybody!
     This week has been a great week as a missionary. It was filled with service and love for my brothers and sisters. Wasn’t General Conference amazing?! I was just way excited to hear our prophet’s voice and to listen to the love and guidance from so many others!
     We have an Investigating family who we had dinner with this past weekend and it was the most intresting meal I have had thus far on my mission. The wife is from Columbia and she made us Columbian hot dogs. We weren’t sure about them when she told us what she put on them. It was a beef dog in a bun with crushed up potato chips, cheese, pinapple sauce, and hard boiled quail eggs. It was a scary site but with a prayer in our hearts we ate the hot dog. IT WAS THE MOST YUMMY HOT DOG I HAVE EVER HAD. So much that we are making them for our spanish sisters this week!
     Besides crazy food tasting I have learned a lot about communication and charity this week. In our small congragation there are 6 Missionaries over the same area and 6 missionaries that are getting to know that ward and the investigators. Communicating to the Elders and them back to us makes for a functional atmosphere but once Satan tries to mess that up that is when things can turn nasty. If something is working and making you progress and be happier that is exactly what Satan wants to destroy. Be STRONG!
       Today in my personal studies, I re-read the talk by Elder David A. Bednar- 
Converted unto The Lord: It reminded me that having a testimony of these things isn’t enough. I have to be converted unto the Lord so when life gives you curve balls you are able to stay strong. In The Book of Mormon, in the Book of Alma Chapter 23:5-6. You can see the difference between knowledge-testimony and actually being converted to the Lord- you never fall away!
      Being a missionary is setting a course on how I want to live my life even when I come home. Being focused and lost in the work is how I am blessed the most. Serving others before myself and seeking to have the Holy Ghost by my side always is how I want to live my life. My companion decorated my first missionary planner and on the back there is a quote that says “You’ve had an eternity to prepare for your mission, and you’ll have an eternity to reflect on it. But you only have eighteen months to live it!” What a thought, right? Even though I am not in my original assigned area I know I am here for a reason and I need to learn lessons that I couldn’t learn in a better place. I am ordering an English name tag soon. It was hard for me to actually say I need one but I am serving in an English area and these people are the most important now! I plan on making these now, 16 months count! I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and pray that I can see everybody as He would!
I love you all! Thank You for your support and your prayers:) It really helps!
Sister Stone
PS. Pretty soon our mission will start to use Facebook as a missionary tool. I am saying this now so there is no confusion when you see me online. Yes, I am still a missionary and the only reason I am on it is for those purposes. So please respect the responsibilities I have as a missionary. If you want to talk of the gospel or want to know more about what I am doing here as a missionary by all means, Talk to me!!  
Zone Bonding Time! Pumpkin Carving!
Matching Night Gowns
Sister Lewis’ Birthday this past week!
Our service activity this week for the Cystic Fibrosis Ride.

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