Being a MISSIONARY rocks! 10/1/2013

      The New York New York South Mission is teaching me so much about who I am and at the same time learning to love everyone around me! There are so many fun characters is our ward that we visited this week. There is a 93 year old lady, who is originally from Germany, had us over for a visit. She told us all of these crazy stories about her and her family living in a Russian Prison Camp and how she was a translator for the Russian Police she said in a thick elderly lady accent “I have never lied so much in my life during that time” She is also a jokester so I didn’t know when to laugh or keep a calm face but we made it though!
     My companion and I went out and fearlessed a lot this past week and it is when we are walking to a destination but we talk to everyone we pass along the way. We were coming up to this lady would looked like she has worked all day and had two arm full of groceries. We asked if we could help her quickly finding out that she spoke spanish. My companion served in the spanish areas for the past 5 months so she knows way more than I do. We spoke of the church and its importance in our lives. We found out that she works in a flower shop and gave us the house plant she was carring.We didn’t know if we should take it or not but we did. So for the rest of the day we took turns passing this plant back and forth as we spoke with more people.
       There is definately a reason why this ward that we are in has 4 Elders and 2 Sisters. It needs a lot of help and we are up for the work! Our schedule this week is full that is because we are gaining the trust of the members. Even though this is not my assigned mission this is where i am at now! I will go where you want me to go Dear Lord!
     As we have been visiting a lot of less active members we see a common thread that they have lost a sense of belonging. They have forgot who they are and how much they can be blessed! Keep a hold of the faith! Your dedication and testimony is to God not anyone else.
    My companion and I have a family who is investigating the church. They are such rock solid family! They want the best for their children and want to be a family for time and all eternity. They came to church this past Sunday and the subject was how the gospel can bless your families. PERFECT!
    The Lord is stretching me every single day! I love being out here and loosing myself in a great cause! Keep the letters coming! I need them every once in a while to keep my spirits up! Missionary work is tough! I love you all! and yes I am still practicing Portugues everyday!
Fique firme na fe!
Sister Stone
Too much fun at the boat dock at Mastic Beach
The Sisters, we all live together, the other sisters serve in the Spanish branch!

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