You will be serving a temporary assignment in…..


My time at the MTC has been a wonderful experience but now it is time to become a better missionary and leave Home(MTC) and go out into the field. Since my Visa for Brazil has not come in yet So we get another mission call till that comes in. The reassignments is a couple of pieces of paper will where you are going and your flight plans. So most of our district got reassigned and they are going all over the United States including Texas, Florida, California, North Carolina, and Illinois! When I opened my letter I read the following. Dear Sister Stone, At this time, we have not received your visa to travel to your mission. You will be serving a temporary assignment in the New York New York South Mission! I AM SO EXCITED! EU ESTOU AMANADA! 

   My last few days here I have learned so much. That along with having a great attitude about the work I also need to work hard! I love my Savior and I know that through out my life I don’t need to feel shameful or any guilt because my Savior has already paid that price for me I just need to live my life as He would live it! Loving, Serving, and Helping others. And right now my time is to be spent in New York! 
   Thank you all so much who have been writing me here at the MTC. If you have anything that you wanted to send to me at the MTC and have not sent it yet! HOLD ON TO IT! I leave early Monday morning so just wait till you get my address in New York! oh.. that is so cool to say!
Fique na Fé
Sister Stone
Kati’s new mission call!
Kati’s cute little station 
The sisters in Kati’s zone. 
Claiming washers on P-day! 

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