Four weeks in!


Four weeks in!

The CTM is such a wonderful place! That being said I still can’t wait to go out and serve my other brothers and sisters. Last Tuesday the Apostle Neil Anderson came and spoke to us. His main point was this “Sacrifice the things you love, and Love those things you Sacrifice for.” The question following that point was, “Now, what do you love?” As a missionary learning a different language this hit me. I love ENGLISH! I can say things when I want to. I mostly know when I am saying things right. People and understand me and that is comfortable. So my conclusion is that I am sacrificing speaking English as much as I can! It is so difficult and I will get frustrated but I know Heavenly Father will bless me for my efforts. 
My district is full of so many fun loving people! We have so many spiritual and laughing out loud moments though out our days here. 
I want to thank everyone for there letters! I really do love them:) I keep everyone of them! Keep them coming! 
The Portuguese is still coming. It is so much fun talking with someone in a different language and having them actually understand you and you are able to understand them! 
I love you all:) 
Hold to the faith
Te amo
Tchau Tchau!
Sister Stone
It was pouring rain walking home from devotional. 
Can you guess which one is Kati?
All this sisters going to Salvador. 
Missionaries enjoy drawing and blowing bubbles in their free time. 
“This is the cream soda tree! IT REALLY SMELLS LIKE CREAM SODA!”

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