Time is flying by…


Time is flying by…

The MTC is the most fantastic place on earth and I know that there is no other place that I would rather be! Our district is getting so much smaller. When someone gets their visa they leave with in the week sometimes you have 4 days to pack and others like what happened to two of our Elders from our district they found out last night and they are already on the plane to Brazil! I love my district all of us are so different but mesh well together. Pretty much all day my companion and I eat, sit, study, and workout….its the best!( nacho voice). The Spirit here is amazing and I am so proud to be a tool in the Lords hands. I am so ready to lose myself in this important work! Ran into Sister Kaegi a few minutes ago! She leaves tomorrow! Everyone bonds like crazy here because we are all are being molded into what we need to be we go out to our respected fields! Again, time goes so fast! The language is coming very slowly but coming. I am able to have somewhat of a conversation! haha Please please please write me.. if you can’t then just send me lyrics to Disney songs cause apparently I can only sing the first line then I have to pick a different song! Strange request I know but trust me I would love you forever! I love my Savior and grateful for His example of character! 
Eu amo Voces todos! 
Sister Stone
 ImageKati’s district in front of the Provo temple!
ImageKati and Sister Kirk (who just got her visa to Brazil) 
ImageImageThe elders in Kati’s district letting lose a little. 
ImageThe sisters are all best friends is what Kati had to say! 
ImageSister Alexis Kaegi’s last day in the MTC!

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