Send me Letters! I want to hear from you! ALL OF YOU!


Boa Tarde!

Ok, where do I begin?! Last Tuesday was really fantastic. All of us missionaries had a devotional and the speaker was the Apostle Elder Richard G. Scott! The first thing he said when he began speaking to us was how much he loves us and Thanked us for our service. His spoke on prayer and how we need to pray out loud as much as we can and with our faith as missionaries can have miracles performed! But what made me cry the most was when he said not once but twice trying to hold back emotion, “To those who are learning a language, I now give you an Apostolic blessing that you may receive the gift of tongues.” To be completely honest I thought I was going to pick up Portuguese super quick cause I remember so much Spanish. I was humbled to my knees. The language is the most difficult thing here. My companion and I have so much love for the people that we teach and we can’t understand what they are saying so we then don’t know how to help. I did get frustrated with myself then I took a step-back….
The Lord didn’t send me to Brazil so that I could suffer. He sent me here to grow, The Lord knew that I knew the gospel in English and He needed me to become stronger. The Savior, Jesus Christ was the best missionary on this earth. Was it ever easy for Him? NO. So why should it be easy for me. I do want to become like Him, right? I have only been here at the MTC for almost 2 weeks and I already know how to bear my testimony, say a prayer, and carry on a simple conversation in Portuguese. A miracle every single day. 
This Sunday we listened to an older MTC devotional talk called the Character of Christ by Elder David A. Bednar. Please Please Please if you ever want to become better, watch it!! I feel like that talk just changed the way I look at my mission. The Character of Christ is always turning outward when the natural man in all of us whats to go in and be selfish. I have so much to work on but i know according to my faith that all things are possible, I will speak Portuguese! So did we look up those scriptures? Those scriptures are what the Doctrine of Christ is! IT is that every man and woman know between good and evil;The Atonement of Jesus Christ covers EVERY pain, sickness, man, woman, child, and creature; Every one must repent; Everyone must pray; and as much as our Heavenly Father loves you, you will not be able to live with Him if you don’t accept these principles. That is why I am out here! To let everyone know about this Doctrine. It is all found in the Book of Mormon:) I love everybody who is supporting me in this crazy chapter in my life! Send me Letters! I want to hear from you! ALL OF YOU! 
Sister Stone
PS. I will leave the MTC September 16th! If my visa doesn’t come in I will get another assignment till then! Sweet another mission call! I hope somewhere warm since I didn’t bring any Winter clothes!!
ImageKati on P-day 
ImageHaving way too much fun doing laundry! 
ImageImageImageProvo Temple

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