“Yeah Sister Stone and Sister Irons….our companionship is Solid!”

Bom Dia!
I am here at the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah! I have been here for 6 days and already feel the Love the Heavenly Father has for me and everyone around me. So for anyone who missed the story I was suppose to report to the MTC at 1:15pm but my flight got canceled so I didn’t end up getting to the MTC till 6pm. (PS. Thank you so much to my Auntie Therisa for driving me to the MTC!) And once I passed through those doors with my two suitcases it finally hit me that I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I then met up with my companion Sister Irons finally at the end of the day! It’s funny cause we actually had a conversation over “Many are called…but few are sisters” page on facebook about our calls and now we are companions! She is such a sweet lady! Anyway, there is no lag time here at the MTC. we are learning how to teach others to come unto Christ and those we teach are called investigators. So we had to teach a practice investigator about Jesus Christ and the gospel on the third day…all in Portuguese!!!! The crazy thing is, is that it went to well both my companion and I felt the spirit because the spirit could tell what we were “trying to say” was the truth. 
I have ran into so many people here at the MTC. Sister Clara Dunn, Sister Alexis um…yeah Alexis, and Elder Spencer Ebert! It is so great to see all of these wonderful people doing a work that isn’t easy but will bless people’s families, including their own, for eternity. 
There is a lesson that our Branch President taught us this week. I don’t have time to tell it all but please look up these scriptures all in 2 Nefi sorry Nephi 2:5,8 9:21 30:2 31:5 32:8   33:14-15 
and see if you can answer these questions. What is the doctrine of Christ and what is the Book of Mormon?
Love you all! Please send me letters and packages!! My companion gets at least 3 a day…..Seriously?? 
Boa Noite, Amor! 
Cho cho! 
Sister StoneImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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