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Time is flying by…


Time is flying by…

The MTC is the most fantastic place on earth and I know that there is no other place that I would rather be! Our district is getting so much smaller. When someone gets their visa they leave with in the week sometimes you have 4 days to pack and others like what happened to two of our Elders from our district they found out last night and they are already on the plane to Brazil! I love my district all of us are so different but mesh well together. Pretty much all day my companion and I eat, sit, study, and workout….its the best!( nacho voice). The Spirit here is amazing and I am so proud to be a tool in the Lords hands. I am so ready to lose myself in this important work! Ran into Sister Kaegi a few minutes ago! She leaves tomorrow! Everyone bonds like crazy here because we are all are being molded into what we need to be we go out to our respected fields! Again, time goes so fast! The language is coming very slowly but coming. I am able to have somewhat of a conversation! haha Please please please write me.. if you can’t then just send me lyrics to Disney songs cause apparently I can only sing the first line then I have to pick a different song! Strange request I know but trust me I would love you forever! I love my Savior and grateful for His example of character! 
Eu amo Voces todos! 
Sister Stone
 ImageKati’s district in front of the Provo temple!
ImageKati and Sister Kirk (who just got her visa to Brazil) 
ImageImageThe elders in Kati’s district letting lose a little. 
ImageThe sisters are all best friends is what Kati had to say! 
ImageSister Alexis Kaegi’s last day in the MTC!

Send me Letters! I want to hear from you! ALL OF YOU!


Boa Tarde!

Ok, where do I begin?! Last Tuesday was really fantastic. All of us missionaries had a devotional and the speaker was the Apostle Elder Richard G. Scott! The first thing he said when he began speaking to us was how much he loves us and Thanked us for our service. His spoke on prayer and how we need to pray out loud as much as we can and with our faith as missionaries can have miracles performed! But what made me cry the most was when he said not once but twice trying to hold back emotion, “To those who are learning a language, I now give you an Apostolic blessing that you may receive the gift of tongues.” To be completely honest I thought I was going to pick up Portuguese super quick cause I remember so much Spanish. I was humbled to my knees. The language is the most difficult thing here. My companion and I have so much love for the people that we teach and we can’t understand what they are saying so we then don’t know how to help. I did get frustrated with myself then I took a step-back….
The Lord didn’t send me to Brazil so that I could suffer. He sent me here to grow, The Lord knew that I knew the gospel in English and He needed me to become stronger. The Savior, Jesus Christ was the best missionary on this earth. Was it ever easy for Him? NO. So why should it be easy for me. I do want to become like Him, right? I have only been here at the MTC for almost 2 weeks and I already know how to bear my testimony, say a prayer, and carry on a simple conversation in Portuguese. A miracle every single day. 
This Sunday we listened to an older MTC devotional talk called the Character of Christ by Elder David A. Bednar. Please Please Please if you ever want to become better, watch it!! I feel like that talk just changed the way I look at my mission. The Character of Christ is always turning outward when the natural man in all of us whats to go in and be selfish. I have so much to work on but i know according to my faith that all things are possible, I will speak Portuguese! So did we look up those scriptures? Those scriptures are what the Doctrine of Christ is! IT is that every man and woman know between good and evil;The Atonement of Jesus Christ covers EVERY pain, sickness, man, woman, child, and creature; Every one must repent; Everyone must pray; and as much as our Heavenly Father loves you, you will not be able to live with Him if you don’t accept these principles. That is why I am out here! To let everyone know about this Doctrine. It is all found in the Book of Mormon:) I love everybody who is supporting me in this crazy chapter in my life! Send me Letters! I want to hear from you! ALL OF YOU! 
Sister Stone
PS. I will leave the MTC September 16th! If my visa doesn’t come in I will get another assignment till then! Sweet another mission call! I hope somewhere warm since I didn’t bring any Winter clothes!!
ImageKati on P-day 
ImageHaving way too much fun doing laundry! 
ImageImageImageProvo Temple

“Yeah Sister Stone and Sister Irons….our companionship is Solid!”

Bom Dia!
I am here at the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah! I have been here for 6 days and already feel the Love the Heavenly Father has for me and everyone around me. So for anyone who missed the story I was suppose to report to the MTC at 1:15pm but my flight got canceled so I didn’t end up getting to the MTC till 6pm. (PS. Thank you so much to my Auntie Therisa for driving me to the MTC!) And once I passed through those doors with my two suitcases it finally hit me that I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I then met up with my companion Sister Irons finally at the end of the day! It’s funny cause we actually had a conversation over “Many are called…but few are sisters” page on facebook about our calls and now we are companions! She is such a sweet lady! Anyway, there is no lag time here at the MTC. we are learning how to teach others to come unto Christ and those we teach are called investigators. So we had to teach a practice investigator about Jesus Christ and the gospel on the third day…all in Portuguese!!!! The crazy thing is, is that it went to well both my companion and I felt the spirit because the spirit could tell what we were “trying to say” was the truth. 
I have ran into so many people here at the MTC. Sister Clara Dunn, Sister Alexis um…yeah Alexis, and Elder Spencer Ebert! It is so great to see all of these wonderful people doing a work that isn’t easy but will bless people’s families, including their own, for eternity. 
There is a lesson that our Branch President taught us this week. I don’t have time to tell it all but please look up these scriptures all in 2 Nefi sorry Nephi 2:5,8 9:21 30:2 31:5 32:8   33:14-15 
and see if you can answer these questions. What is the doctrine of Christ and what is the Book of Mormon?
Love you all! Please send me letters and packages!! My companion gets at least 3 a day…..Seriously?? 
Boa Noite, Amor! 
Cho cho! 
Sister StoneImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Well, this time had to come….


I’ll be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in about 20 minutes so see ya’ll in 18 monthsImage! I will not have any technology for the next 18 months other than emailing home. My adorable little sister and lovely best friend will be the one’s keeping up my Facebook and Blog. God be with you till we meet again!

The church is true, drink your milk, say your prayers, Farewell,


Sister Stone