Just for the family :) 12-23-13

Merry Christmas family! I love you so very much and hope that you all are having a wonderful Holiday season:)
I will try and describe to you all of what I feel here as a missionary. The days are long and the time goes by so fast but knowing that I have the restored gospel truth and I know where people can find true happiness makes it all worth it. So for the past couple of weeks the mission has been the toughest ever. My companion is sweet but very shy and I really needed to step up to the plate. It’s incredible how much stronger Heavenly Father can make you once you do all that you can. So coming on to this season our English and Spanish districts here in Patchogue chose to go caroling. We had been doing it for a few weeks and we would just give the joy to the world DVDs or a pass a long card so they can get one. Every time we went our caroling the Elders would choose a random street and would just knock and sing. We came to this one house of a married couple and they were so excited and asked us to come back tomorrow a little earlier so we could sing to their kids. The next day for us was crazy busy but we made sure we all coulld go back. When we did their 2 kids were waiting by the door with candy canes for us. we went and sang! As we went up to the door one by one being handed a candy cane the mother started to cry. She told us that last night her and her husband had something really bad happen to them and they were really distrout last night then we came to the door! She didn’t think we would come back! Moments like those out way those that break our heart! Can’t wait to skype the family! Love you all and have a great holiday!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone

New Beginnings 12-16-13

A wonderful transfer this will be! I love being on a mission and sharing this joy and happiness! My trainer has gone and opened up a new area in the Rockaways. She is a wonderful missionary and will go great things! This week almost all of our appointment have fallen through. Another tough week but I know why I am out here. To help others come closer to Christ. Not by force, that was Satan’s way, but with love and support. It still blows my mind on how much people tell us when we first meet with them. We were on Main Street this past week walking and talking to people. A lady walking towards us said, “Oh the girl Mormons” we started to talk and she opened up about her life and how she needs to become closer to Christ. She feels that she has gone so far that she isn’t able to come back. We promised her that she could and that is exactly why we were walking that street that day to find people to help. She began to cry as told us her past life stories. I asked if we could say a prayer with her, she was so excited she grabed our hands and we said a prayer right their in the middle of the sidewalk. We met this lovely lady only 5 mintues ago but our love for her seems like we have known her a lot longer.
Challenges and trials will come up but I am promised that through my faith and prayers everything will work out! Love you all! Happy Holidays and Stay Warm!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
Last Pday gathering with Sister Sandberg and Elder Tanner
Snowed on the way to Transfer meeting
The ward put the missionaries incharge of the entertainment for the Christmas party:) This is what they get!

Come what may and LOVE IT 12-9-13

Wow! What a week. I love the lessons I learn as I go about in this wonderful work. This work is so much fun! Especially if you have a wondful companion that will go about doing good things along with you, sharing a lot of laughs!
  This week many of our appointments have fallen through but instead of becoming frustrated we have shifted our minds to thoughts that include “What would the Lord have me do in this time.?” or “Why did this appointment fall through?” “What would the Lord have me do?” Replacing the latter to our minds then becoming frustrated or disappointed in ourselves has brought a mighty change of heart to me. You know what though, we have been obedient and striving to work our hardest so we know that our success is one that can’t be counted by numbers.
   Saturday was the first set of transfer calls that could effect me since now I am officaily done being trained! Yes, still learning and growing every day but done with the 12 week training:) And to our shock, my companion Sister Sandberg will be getting transfered! Still in a bit of a shock. I am staying in the Southshore ward! But will get a new companion this Tuesday! Scary business but I know the Lord knows what He is doing so I just need to trust Him. I will miss Sister Sandberg so much! We have become close friends and have been called the “Dream Team” out here on the mission. But I know where we are going and were we are is where the Lord needs us.
     Yesterday was a very special day for one of our investigators the Elders and we have been teaching:) The LaManna family was baptized!! They are such a wonderful family and can’t wait to see them progress in the Gospel! The ward family has really stepped up their game with being more involved with our investigators and people that we are working with. When Dawn and her daughter were getting dressed after the baptism 2 sisters from the ward went to the bathroom to go and help them. Sister Sandberg and I stepped back and let them take over! We were so happy and just mopped up the floors afterwards! Such a great feeling seeing others come to the fold!
    Love you all and Thank you for your prayers! I won’t let you down! Stay strong:) The Lord will ALLOWS provide!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
LaManna Baptism!
It snowed!

What a blast…. 12-2-13

Can I just say how much I LOVE being a missionary! We meet so many wonderful people that care about us and we have that same love for them.
We have a baptism this week with a lady and her 2 children! They are so amazing and have grown to love them more and more each day.
Yesterday during church testimony meeting couldn’t have been more perfect! Every member that got up and bore their testimony was solid on inviting others to find out if this is true for themselves!
Thanksgiving was so fantastic. Had it with the Fisher family! They are so wonderful to us! So grateful to be out on a mission! Love you all! Keep Writing!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
got to help someone decorate a christmas tree!
Super cool pet store!

For which I am grateful…. 11-25-13

 What a great week! I seriously have the best calling:) As I am out here I know that my family is being protected, I am learning about myself as a person each day, and I have an opportunity to be humbled daily.
      So first off the sun must have forgotten New York is here cause we have’t seen it in a while but I am grateful for long socks and slippers to be in in the morning during studies:)
      Our bunk bed in our room pretty much crys when we sleep so we are now sleeping with our mattresses on the floor, showered in the dark this morning and possibly killed about 50 cockroches since I left the MTC. With serioulsy, no sarcasm, I love my life so much! I am so grateful for my companion to suggest that we sleep on the ground, we have been sleeping so well this week. My dark shower allowed me to not waste time in there and i was in and one within a ten minute time span. And as I make sure I clean up after myself the number of cockroches have gone down:)
      I am so grateful to be a tool in the Lords hands. I had no idea how hard this would actually be but there is no possible way i can fail if I allow the Lord to guide my journey. For some reason I am still here in New York even when i know that Brazil is getting hotter and hotter I am needed here:)
      I am hearing all about who is getting married and who is going on missions! Congrats to you all! Both are so wonderful and great decisions:) And will bless many lifes!
     Keep up the great work!
  some advice from a old church video that our family used to watch,”If you love them, tell them”
Sister Stone
matching this week!

The Lord Will Prepare a Way 11-18-13

Hello to everyone! This week have been a week full of service and a mark in church history happened in our New York New York South Mission.
     I love serving the people here in the SouthShore ward. What is even cooler are the ward members watching us serve and then trusting us enough for all of us to go and serve their neighbors! We have people starting to cry becuase we give service. It is nice but at the same time so sad to know that they are crying becuase they thought no one could/would  help them before we came. We also did some service for a 10k that took place in Mastic Beach. It was super fun but the weather likes to be super cold now so we tried to cheer the runners on as big as we could to keep ourselves warm:)
      So I guess my mom is married now! congrats mom and can’t wait to meet my step-father in about 15 months! I wish you two the best and can’t wait to see pictures of your sealing in a years time!
     We had some really powerful lessons this week. For some reason people open up to us! We are able to help those that have been hurting for so many years, with mistakes that happened when they were teens. Seeing the hope in their eyes makes this all worth it. Letting them know that those feelings of shame and guilt are something they don’t have to live with. That those feelings can be replaced with peace and joy!
     We had a lot of people come to church this sunday including less active families! The work moves forward. Heavenly Father knows what he is doing! Patience, I know is something I need to work on. Especially being patient with others weaknessess. I feel like I am becoming better at that but still needs some work. Always strive to have the spirit with you if you become angry or frustrated with someone because of their weakness we have lost that spirit. Love, love your enemies, pray for them and seek ways to have those feelings be released from you.
      My experiences I have and continue to have here I will keep close to my heart. This reassignment has been a great blessing. It wasn’t a mistake that I happen to come to the 9th mission in the world to have access to Facebook and ipads.
    Speaking of which we got this week! We traveled to the mission office in Queens and had a whole big orientation of them. Elder Perry from the quorum of the twelve apostles said that the launching of Facebook and ipad is a grand event comparable to the Restoration of the Gospel! Wow! Now missionary work here is changing a bit, our purpose never changes but the way we do things now changes. What I thought was interensting is that they just showed us how to put in goals and teaching records in our ipads but they didn’t tell us how to use them with missionary work. We are told to ask God himself, why did He give us these and ask Him how He wants us to use them! Miracles happen every day! I love it! Hope everyone is well:) Stay Strong!
Com Amor,
Sister Stone
While cleaning someones backyard we found the only house in New York with a working doorbell!
The relief Society president found out I have never been to Friendly which is a famous restaurant here and she made me get the jim dandy, which is short for too much ice cream!
Waiting for the runners at the 10k! Sister Sandberg carried that orange the whole day…

What a wonderful life! 11-12-13

Wow! Another week has blown by! So many wonderful experience have happened this week to remind me that the Lord is mindful of me and over all of His children.
Well for starters, it snowed this morning.. yeah, about that….:/ But you know what is so great about this is that a lady in our ward was so nice and took my companion and I out shopping for some clothes since we both packed to live right below the equator. So we were prepared for it! It was beautiful to watch as it fell this morning:)
This week my companion and I were sick so for about 3 days we stayed inside to try and recover. The second day we went out and tried to do some service but we were just not feeling well. We had so many goals for this week and we were disappointed that because of our health we didn’t get to do all that we wanted. But we were still able to accomplish what our Heavenly Father needed us to do.
So we did as much as we can. We called and texted everyone that was on our minds that day. Some to see when we can reschedule an appointment and others to just let them know that we care:) One sister we felt that we needed to be a bit bold. She is a lady who is so strong in the church, even when her life is crazy busy she makes time to come out with us to appointments! Everytime we ask her if we can help her in anyway all she says is “just pray for me”. We texted her that day telling her that we are coming by to help her with her house work so hopefully she would be there! She texted back thanking us for our invitation to her house and we went there the next night. As we were talking to her she expressed that we were angels to her. My companion and I felt so much love for this lady and she told us that she was going through some really tough times and to have us come and be her friends meant the world to her.
I know that the expriences that we go through are not only for us to become stronger but to also help others in similar situations. I feel more compassion for those that I come in contact with now then I have ever before.
We may not know why we are “pushed” to do good deeds towards other but I can promise you if you follow those promptings you will be able to act as a tool in the Lords hands!
For preparation day this past monday was a holiday so that is why I am emailing today:) Sister Sandberg and I were able to go on a Coast Guard Base and get a private tour! It was the coolest thing! We also went to the light house that was on the island, Fire Island, and received a personal tour to that too! We found out that on that island the 2nd and 3rd Men in Black movies, some of the scenes were filmed! So cool! New York is really a beautiful place:) 
Love you ALL!
Sister Stone
Did a hula for the dia de hispanidade!
crossing the bridge to Fire Island
Fire lsland
Where Will Smith would land his helicopter and drive to the movie set.
Windy on top of the Light House!
I got to touch the Antlantic Ocean!